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  • International Systems Engineering Success
    Due to our knowledge and highly qualified staff of multi nationals who have been rigorously trained over many years to understand, meet and effectively respond to our clients present and future requirements.
  • We deliver the mission-critical IT solutions and services and have a high level of trust and efficiency
    Delivering the mission critical IT services behind military aircrafts for the Defence sector.
  • Major Contributor in IT services & Consulting
    Supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Government, Defence, Aerospace and Commercial Sector
  • Trusted Advisors to our customers
    Understanding their requirements, exceeding their expectations and delivering exceptional quality in all we do

What we do At ISE we have developed a solid capability framework through which we deliver our solutions and services.
Our framework is comprised of "Service Layers" which are structured to provide the flexibility required to respond to our client's needs.

We’re listening

Customers want a personalised and joined-­up digital experience, you want an effective and efficient service.


We’re delivering

At ISE, we understand the exact demands of our clients. Meeting those demands for advanced, sensitive information Management & Technology Solutions which require high availability and security is made possible through our
corporate culture of commitment to

We’re flexible

We recognize that each client presents different challenges, and unique operating environments, we never deliver ‘one size fits all’ or ‘off the shelf ’ solutions. Instead, we tailor our solutions, services and technology offerings to each specific project, further ensuring our success and flexibility.


Managed server Infrastructure


Managed user accounts



550+ TB                                                                     



ISE IT managed locations across KSA


Managed Computer Devices




ISE offices in


What Differentiates ISE
why ise?

At ISE we have a network of highly qualified individuals, whom offer outstanding technical support through years of international industry experience across a range of disciplines.

Knowing the importance of quality, we adhere to international best practices and standards in all our products and services. We employ highly skilled people that deliver efficient, cost effective and timely solutions.

We consistently deliver the mission-critical IT solutions and services and have a high level of trust and efficiency with our customers.







Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for IT services, solutions & security to the Kingdom’s Defense & Public sector.

Our Mission

To add value & create growth by delivering quality through enhancing capabilities for our customers, our partners and our people.

what's happening
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May, 2017

Have you seen our new video

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new video in both English and Arabic which is to promote who we are,what we do, and our people. Our main goal is to provide to our employees, our customers, our partners and our stakeholders an engaging way to learn about the services and solutions we provide.

May, 2017
Gitex 2016

ISE Support the Launch of BAE Systems Hazard Management System ‘SAFETAL’

We recently supported our partners BAE Systems Saudi Arabia with the launch of their new Hazard Management System 'SAFETAL' which ISE worked on to implement...

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